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What is a savings revolutionary meant to believe?

posted Feb 12, 2014, 12:33 AM by Ignasi Mas

 [From Savings Revolution blog, 11 February 2014 (with Kim Wilson)] 

Revolutions germinate from a core set of powerful higher-level ideas/ideals expressed vividly. So what fires up the savings revolutionary? Shouldn´t we be putting our core beliefs accountably on the table, much as we are expecting people to place their money on banking tables?

No select group should be deciding those core beliefs, but hopefully we can offer a starting point for a discussion within this forum. How about this:

·       There´s a conviction that people can regularly achieve goals by saving, in a value-accruing way, rather than necessarily by tying themselves to a costly debt-mast.

·       There´s a strong feeling that transactions within a community carry much broader social significance than the pure monetary value assigned to them, and that such social signaling aspects are worth preserving because they help provide a sense of security and comfort to people.

·       There´s a notion of community self-reliance and resilience, which can be promoted by recycling funds within it.

·       There´s a distrust of centralized institutions, whose interests tend to become dissociated from the people they are meant to serve.

·       There´s a fear of technology as an alienating factor, socially (digital divide between the haves and have-nots) as well as personally (level of comfort in use).

Is this what you believe? What key beliefs do you think are missing and which of the above need not be core to a savings revolutionary? Have your say, we are curious to hear from you.